The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 214: Kyle Snarr and Jon Gaffney Discuss Tool/Kit, Watch Collecting, and More

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This week on the podcast, Blake Buettner is joined by Kyle Snarr and Jon Gaffney for a wide ranging discussion on watches, gear, and a whole lot more. Kyle heads up partnerships at Worn & Wound, and is also behind the Cantonment Co. brand. Jon is a long time watch enthusiast and writer who has contributed to Worn & Wound since the early days, and also runs the popular @watchknifepen account on Instagram. The big topic at hand in this episode is Tool/Kit, a new plank of the Worn & Wound experience that will allow brands to tell their stories on the website in a thoughtful, engaging way. It’s a different way of approaching sponsored content, and we think it’s going to provide a new avenue for telling the stories about watches, gear, and experiences that already make Worn & Wound great. 

In addition to discussing Tool/Kit, Jon and Kyle have a lot to share in this episode about their own histories with watches, and they touch on a variety of subjects that take us through a breakdown of some arcane vintage Seiko terminology, what it means to be a collector versus an enthusiast, and why we seem to be drawn more and more to modern watches over vintage. Be sure to hit us up in the comments or on Instagram if you have any questions about Tool/Kit, or anything else from today’s episode. 


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