The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 213: The Week’s Biggest New Releases, and Our Watch Dealbreakers

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This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake Buettner and Zach Kazan sit down to talk about some of the more interesting new releases to hit the watch world in the last week (including an instance of the sequel maybe outperforming the original in the case of the latest from Aquastar), as well as a recap of our recent event with Farer at the Filson flagship store in Manhattan. We also discuss the idea of watch related “dealbreakers.” Are there aspects of a watch design that you just can’t get past? Should we try to get past our hangups about small watch details? It’s interesting conversation, and we’d love your feedback, so be sure to let us know if you have any watch dealbreakers after listening to this week’s podcast.


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